How to play chess

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Learn to play chess

If you want to learn how to play chess this is the place to be. The site contains articles on both the basic rules of chess and on the more advanced elements such as tactic, theory of the middle game, end game and opening. focus mainly on teaching beginning and intermediate players and it does that in a series of step by step, easy to follow chess tutorials.

If you don't know anything about chess you may want to start with chess rules. You will learn here about the rules: the pieces, how to move, how to setup the chess board and so on...

One of the many problems a beginner faces in a chess game, once he is familiar with the rules, is what to do when playing the game, how should he start the game, how to attack his opponent position and defend his own at the same time? This is one of the issues this site deals with and you can read about it at get better.

One of the most interesting things when playing chess is the use of various tricks in the game. The use of such maneuvers is quite startling as they are usually hard to spot. All of this maneuvers constitute the tactic in chess, a well covered subject on this site

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Practice makes perfect

There is a very important thing you should know: practice makes perfect! This is a rule that applies to almost everything in life, including chess. If you are an enthusiastic beginner you could probably miss out on this important detail. So, the best way you can learn chess is by playing chess, but not before studding a little bit.

Why chess?

Why not! Chess is a fun game with relatively easy to learn rules. This game can help you develop your ability to solve everyday problems, it can help you become more patient. After all, this is a game that relies on the mind's ability to find solutions to problems.

Now, I don't know the reason why you've decided to learn to play chess. I can only guess that you are curios about the game or that you've probably played before with your friends and lost miserably (it happen to me once upon a time). Or maybe you just want to learn new interesting things. No matter what your reason is I can assure you that you won't regret spending time in learning chess on this site .

Can this site help me learn everything about chess?

Before I give you the answer to that question you should ask yourself: do I really want to learn everything about chess? If your answer is yes than you should know that it will probably take you a few good years in order to really perform at this game. That's right! Don't be surprised! There is a huge volume of information covering this game, things like : the openings, end game studies, strategy, middle game and so on...

If you want to reach an acceptable level of knowledge in chess I believe that this site is pretty much all you need to know. Of course there is always room for improvement so you can always learn more on this subject...

I hope that this site will help you in your pursuit to learn to play chess. Just follow the articles step by step and at the end of your study you will be able to say that you really know how to play chess.