Chess decoying

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tactic :: decoying
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Decoying in chess

Decoying, unlike deflecting, is not trying to lead pieces from certain positions but to lead them to certain squares in order to checkmate or gain material advantage.

Black moves 1... Qb1! . This way the white king is forced to capture 2. K:b1. You can see how the king was lead to the b2 square (where he was exposed to checkmate) away from d1 thus making possible for the black rook to move 2... Rd1 checkmate checkmate.

A simple example of how you can use decoying. In this example Black is sacrificeing the queen in order to perform checkmate with the rook

This next game was played between Holzhausen and Tarrasch at Berlin in 1912. As you can see White developed his position better than Black, his pieces having a greater range of action. Black has his pieces placed in a closed position and with a small range of action. White takes advantage of this and of the weakness from f7 and makes a beautiful combination of moves. 1. B:f7+ K:f7 2. Ne6 K:e6 (This last move is forced otherwise Black lose his queen) 3. Q:d5+ Kf6 4.Qf5 checkmate.

This game demonstrates how a good position can help you win the game