Destroying the king's pawns structure

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tactic :: king pawns structure
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King's pawn structure

This tactical maneuver focus on destroying the structure of the pawns that are protecting the king. This maneuver is made possible only when the position of the king is not well defended by its pieces.

Look at the next game. This is a simple example of what this maneuver implies. White has his turn to move and sacrifice his queen: 1. Q:h6+ g:h6 (This last move was forced because White threaten checkmate with 2. Qh7). By sacrificing his queen, White removed the defender of the f6 pawn and made possible this move: 2.B:f6+ Kg8 3. Ne7 checkmate

A simple example of what distroying the king's pawns strucutre implies

The maneuver to be executed by Black in the next game it's harder to spot than in the previous game? With 1... B:g2! Black removes the pawn that and clears the way for the queen. 2. K:g2 Q:g4+ 3. Kh1 Qf3checkmate

Another example that shows you how this maneuver is made